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Polenta with Smoked Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, and Caramelized Onions

Confessional time: I have a serious, admiring friendcrush on basically every vegan I meet. Myths exist about their self-righteousness, but I’ve yet to encounter much. You see, for every obnoxious vegan, there are two equally obnoxious meat eaters who will condescend to them and snarl, “But bacon is sooooo good!” As if this is news. 

mushroom polenta_2141

It’s not news, of course. However! If, by some seriously crazy series of events, I ever had to give up animal products (or even–gasp–chose to on my own), the first thing I would want in a vegan kitchen is a stovetop smoker. I would ever-so-humbly recommend it to vegans. (Well, everyone else, too. But especially vegans who want more flavor, more options, more dimension.)

It would mean meals like this: hearty, wholesome, comforting but not heavy (unless you add cheese–do as your hearts desire). No processed, shady-ingredient-laden texturized soy protein weirdness. Soy “bacon” is kind of awful. Vegans are helping save the world and they deserve better, you know? We all deserve better. Let’s make more stuff like this: identifiable ingredients, deep with unapologetic, bold flavor. We are onto something great.

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