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Wood Smoked Tri-Tip with Sicilian Herb Sauce and Rosemary Potato Galette

This is an ode to Spring Forward.  Please don’t hate me, but it needs to be defended.

You’re tired today.  I’m tired today.  Today blows. But let’s talk about tomorrow!  Tomorrow, we (meaning I) will come home to full, not waning, sunlight.  We’ll feel like it’s still Go Time.  We won’t groan at the thought of going places, doing things and seeing people after work.  TV will seem less and less appealing in the light of day.  Instead, we’ll want to go on walks or even swim laps at the gym.  On other days, we’ll feel like firing up the grill–on a weeknight, no less–and kicking back with a beer while we cook up dinner.  Like this!  Look at this.

Tri tip, smoked, grilled, and served alongside a lively, lemony herb sauce and a crusty potato-rosemary galette.  Good heavens.

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