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Brownies with Ricotta, Orange, and Poppy Seed Swirl

Rarely do I ever pursue something so ardently as I pursued these. I am not the kind of food blogger who makes dishes over and over… If something doesn’t work, I literally put the photos in a folder named “NOT GREAT, BOB” on my desktop and move on, because there is so much more I want to experiment with. But this is different.

What you see here is my third attempt, after two pans of delicious but much too gooey–spoonable but not knifeable–substance. Delicious enough with its orange-chocolate combo, ricotta creaminess, and crunchy poppy seeds for me to keep at it. Guided meditation time: imagine eating a brownie, ricotta cheesecake, and a citrus-poppy seed muffin all at once.

Yeah… That’s all I needed to do, isn’t it? My work here is done, lovebugs.

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