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Seared Sea Bass with Fennel and Orange

I have a sneaky suspicion that January is everyone’s Least Fun Eating Month of All Time. (That’s short for “Least Fun Eating Month of All Time, Seriously, Where Did All the Delicious Go.”)

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Let’s look to our Instagram feeds for proof. I guarantee at least one gorgeous shot of . If inspiration strikes and you bring home a bag of such … darling produce, your January is already looking mighty fine, my friend.

Which brings me to this week’s bonus point for your dinner game.


It was brought to you by sheer perseverance: two recipes conceived and attempted, with two Whole Foods trips for the second one. That’s what happens when you have faith in something, and I happen to believe in: (1) crispy skin on tender, flaky fish, (2) seasonal citrus love in the form of pink, extra-fruity Cara Cara oranges, (3) crunchy, distinct–and distinguished–fennel, (4) eating well in the middle of winter, (5) taking every opportunity to hone my power-napping talents, and (6) this gif right here:

You know. Just a few life-improving things.

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Shaved Asparagus and Ham Salad with Dill

So, as it turns out, I’m pretty good at being totally behind and somehow also ahead at the same time?

I don’t have an Easter recipe for you, although I think that pork chops with rhubarb sauce are perfect casual Easter dinner material, that this orzo salad would make a great side, that you should take cheese puffs everywhere, and that Easter is the perfect time to kick off ice cream season.  I also–and this is what I mean by being kind of ahead of things–have an idea for your leftovers.  Ham, specifically…  Alongside lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables.

Shaved Asparagus and Ham Salad with Dill. Spring on a plate.

With all due respect to bagged greens, there is so much more fun to be had with salad.  I’m pretty sure almost any vegetable can be turned into a base for salad, whether raw, roasted, steamed, shredded, sliced, shaved…  The possibilities are, well, not endless (endful?), but close.  So let’s play with vegetables.  (And PORK.)

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Asparagus and Edamame Soup with Dill and Pancetta

When I tell people I like to cook, they often ask what I like to cook, and I tend to find myself stammering.  I don’t know, uh, everything?

But then I remember how I feel when others say the same thing about their taste in music.  You like everything?  Really?  Nobody likes everything.  And so, no, I don’t like to cook everything.  My go-to answer to that question is becoming “Soup and anything spicy.”  I might have to refine the spicy part, because that’s probably a lie, too.  I’m sure I have limits.

Soup is the ultimate in comfort and love.  While I do not eat/make much of it in the warmer seasons, the need for comfort knows no calendar.  Sometimes soup is just the right thing to do for yourself.

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