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Pressed Sandwiches with Turkey, Brie and Nectarine

I won’t talk about the weather because, my goodness.  Zzzzz, right?

All I know is, I’m still eating perfect peaches.  I’m still wearing shorts, a lot.  I’m still picnicking, barbecueing, and summer hiking.

In my experience, picnics tend to be marathon eating sessions.  They tend to be informal and leisurely: people come and go, and, well, no one should eat alone, right?

We’re gonna need sturdy food–something that still looks and tastes good a few hours later.

Pressed sandwiches are picnic-perfect.  I make them the night before (so there’s plenty of time to mix up a pitcher of sangria in the morning!).  Everything gets smooshed together between sturdy bread that soaks up just enough moisture and flavor.  They’re relatively easy to slice into neat squares, perfectly showcasing a terrine-like interior.  Cute, dare I say?

Probably not cute: eating for four hours straight.  Cute can be so overrated.

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Strawberry Banana Pancakes

A couple of years ago, I completely lost my capacity to sleep in.  Weekend, weekday, it doesn’t matter–I’m not sure if it’s old age or my oft-crazy work schedule.  Either way, it frustrated me at first.  Upon some clear-headed reflection (over warm, fluffy pancakes), I realized there are many more upsides than downsides to this:

-If I’m still tired, I can have mimosas, go back to bed, and nap like a baby.  I’d still wake up as if I slept in, plus, juice and booze!
-Farmers’ markets.
-Cartoons…  If I were into them.
-Garage sales…  If I were into them.
-You know, productivity?
-Not sounding sleepy when mom calls at 11 on a Sunday.  She must be so proud.
-Most importantly, weekend breakfast.  What a special, gloriously blissful thing.

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