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Seared Sea Bass with Fennel and Orange

I have a sneaky suspicion that January is everyone’s Least Fun Eating Month of All Time. (That’s short for “Least Fun Eating Month of All Time, Seriously, Where Did All the Delicious Go.”)

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Let’s look to our Instagram feeds for proof. I guarantee at least one gorgeous shot of . If inspiration strikes and you bring home a bag of such … darling produce, your January is already looking mighty fine, my friend.

Which brings me to this week’s bonus point for your dinner game.


It was brought to you by sheer perseverance: two recipes conceived and attempted, with two Whole Foods trips for the second one. That’s what happens when you have faith in something, and I happen to believe in: (1) crispy skin on tender, flaky fish, (2) seasonal citrus love in the form of pink, extra-fruity Cara Cara oranges, (3) crunchy, distinct–and distinguished–fennel, (4) eating well in the middle of winter, (5) taking every opportunity to hone my power-napping talents, and (6) this gif right here:

You know. Just a few life-improving things.

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