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Ham and Spring Vegetable Soup (a.k.a. Hot Ham Water)

Happy Day 3 of Arrested Development Week!  Only 6 days to go, and you, my little chicken dancers, must be hungry.  And that’s what this is for.  A solid springtime meal for a solid springtime Monday.

Ham and Spring Vegetable Soup--rich and insanely flavorful. #recipe

You may be in a sweets coma, after all–did you see ?    They put the Bluths’ bananas to shame, but we all know the Bluths are only in it for the money.  This is frozen bananas, with love (i.e. sprinkles).

So, to help you recover, we’re making soup.  In honor of Lindsay Bluth Funke, born Nellie Sitwell: charity event-thrower, cause taker-upper (HOOP, anyone?), shopper, unsuccessful business launcher, hands-off mother (to someone who just happens to be one of the coolest characters in television–so “Maeby” there’s something to the Funkes’ parenting style; I’m just saying).

(Yes, if I had children, it’s possible I would gather parenting insights from sitcoms.  Let’s all be grateful that I do not.)

(photo from http://fashionandhistrionics.blogspot.com/)

Lindsay is by no means domestic, but when she tries, .  It’s a fine idea–and revolutionary, to boot–but I’m thinking Hot Ham and Vegetable Water would be even better.

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Marcella Hazan’s Minestrone alla Romagnola

If you’re not hopelessly nerdy like me, you probably won’t like this post and I’m totally sorry.  There is a fantastic (not bragging, because it’s not mine!) recipe for minestrone soup if you scroll down.

So, it goes like this: When I was juuust starting to cook as a thing–a hobby–I picked up Marcella Hazan’s  and started to read it as if it were a novel.  It’s a serious book for serious Italian cuisine, and soon enough, I came across this: “The least acceptable method of preparing garlic is squeezing it through a press.”

Uh oh.  I totally had (and used) a garlic press.

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