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Gougeres, two ways (Thyme/Gruyere and Black Pepper/Cheddar)

I’ve told you about gougeres before, but Imma have to do it again.  If I like something, I really like it (multiple ice cream and goat cheese recipes ’round these parts attest to that).  Besides–maybe you don’t like blue cheese.  Maybe you’re new to hanging out around here, or otherwise didn’t see it…  Or maybe you’re okay with me being relentlessly annoying about how delicious and easy-to-make these little cheese puffs are.  (I hope that last one is true anyway, but if not, I promise I’ll stop. Gougere Moratorium 2013 starts in…  Five minutes.)

Besides, making something and making something for a crowd are two different beasts…  So the first thing we do is double the batch.  But then, there are other concerns–maybe it’d be wiser to go with something more universally beloved than blue cheese.  I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like cheddar, gruyere, pepper or thyme (and if I did, I would consider pretending I didn’t hear this information).

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Gorgonzola and Chive Gougeres (French cheese puffs)

Mes chers amis!  (All the French I know comes from what I picked up from Julia Child’s autobiography.)

Today we’re going to be a wee bit fancy.  I mean it–there aren’t even any yoga pants in sight around here.  Just the little luxuries that are sandalwood candles, fresh laundry, an  and cheesy snacks.

That last thing…  It might be my very favorite thing.

Gougeres are just one of many uses of the eggy wonder that is choux pastry.  It’s the same dough we use for profiteroles/cream puffs, except that instead of baking, then filling them, we add cheese and herbs right in, pipe them smaller, and let them get all puffy and wonderful.  In fact, if you’ve ever wanted to give cream puffs a try, this would be a good practice run.  An opportunity to test the waters. (And the butters, and the flours–hey-o!)

The end result? Bite-size puffs with a chewy, airy, eggy middle, dotted with salty, pungent (in the good way) gorgonzola cheese that oozes out onto the surface to leave those heavenly, brown, crunchy melted-and-cooled-cheese spots.  The chives are there for a touch of oniony greenery.  I think it’s nice.

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