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Fernet-Branca Ice Cream with Pear-Ginger Swirl

Sometimes I think I should have called my blog “Best Idea/Worst Idea Olympics.”

fernet ice cream_802

If left alone with my brain, that is all I do. “Is this the best idea? Or the worst idea?”

Sometimes with life stuff. But mostly with food stuff.

In this instance, I decided I needed to make a “bartender’s handshake” ice cream flavor. A bartender’s handshake, at least in some parts (uh, just San Francisco as far as I know), is a shot of Fernet-Branca, followed by a ginger beer or ginger ale chaser.

Fernet-Branca, if you’re unfamiliar, is . . . kind of a beast. An herbal, potent, bitter, medicinal (in a good way), wake-up-all-your-senses beast.

Government name: Italian amaro, an herbal liqueur. But I like my description too.

I also like this particular idea–a lot. It turned out well, you see. Mellowed with brown sugar, the Fernet ice cream base flavor is mellow, elusive, intriguing, nutty, and strange. Oddly enough, the flavor I would most closely associate it with is walnut. Random–and crazy good. The heavily gingered pear swirl is an extra touch of warming, gentle sweetness. This is a winner–for boozehounds, bartenders, and, uh, humans who have taste buds.

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