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Vegetable Enchiladas with Chipotle-Beer Sauce

The thing is, enchiladas are not a lazy food.

Let me correct that: great enchiladas are not a lazy food. 

vegetable chipotle enchiladas 13

They’re not quick, they’re not exactly effortless, and everything in the general vicinity (including your face) gets splattered with sauce and cooking oil.

… I hear crickets. I knew I might lose you.

Come back! 

Here’s a gif of a golden retriever puppy. 

Cheap tactic, I know, but seriously: Hear me out about the enchiladas. Please?

vegetable chipotle enchiladas 16

I don’t make these things often anymore, because if I do, I insist on frying the tortillas first, then bathing them in sauce almost immediately. Only then do they get filled, rolled, and tucked in the pan. I mean, you can theoretically make good enchiladas without this step, and I have before… Before I finally accepted the infinite betterness of fried tortilla enchiladas, that is.

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