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Asparagus and Edamame Soup with Dill and Pancetta

When I tell people I like to cook, they often ask what I like to cook, and I tend to find myself stammering.  I don’t know, uh, everything?

But then I remember how I feel when others say the same thing about their taste in music.  You like everything?  Really?  Nobody likes everything.  And so, no, I don’t like to cook everything.  My go-to answer to that question is becoming “Soup and anything spicy.”  I might have to refine the spicy part, because that’s probably a lie, too.  I’m sure I have limits.

Soup is the ultimate in comfort and love.  While I do not eat/make much of it in the warmer seasons, the need for comfort knows no calendar.  Sometimes soup is just the right thing to do for yourself.

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