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Super Bowl Roundup

Because everyone agrees the food is the best part of this, right?

Suggestions for party guests:

1) Bacon-Jalapeno Jam. Double the recipe (trust me!), bring a baguette, become an instant hero.

2) Buttermilk ranch, completely from scratch. Also impressive!  Your favorite wings need a sidekick.

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Bacon-Jalapeno Jam

One occasion where it isn’t rude to stare.  Go right ahead.

I consulted everything in this photo, and I have permission.  It’s flattered, honestly.

Take a second to take in the syrupy, glistening, rich sheen.  Check out the hunks of crisped smoky bacon.  Ogle the soft, sweet, mellow onion and the spicy chunks of jalapeno.

Coffee is in there, for deep flavor and color.  Also apple cider vinegar, for the balance that a sharp bite brings.  They’re a bit camera-shy, but beloved just the same.

So, yeah.  That’s what I’ve been doing with my life: making decadence happen.

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