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Strawberry Caprese Turkey Burgers

Tomatoes!  I miss tomatoes.  It’s been too long.  Sometimes I wonder if they miss me, too.  Maybe they check my Facebook and accidentally like an old status, then frantically unlike it before I find out.

I’ll just have to wait patiently for summer, for crates upon crates of ripe, juicy, flavorful tomatoes.  We will be reunited, and it will be glorious.

In the meantime, say we’re craving the classic combination of tomatoes+basil+mozzarella.  Say it’s spring, and we’re eager to start grilling again.  Say we’re really excited about gorgeous strawberries this time of year.  Say we’re open to making substitutions for tomatoes.  Lo and behold…  Look.

It’s red, and green, and white.  It’s slightly sweet, fresh, with a slight balsamic touch.  It’s not really a caprese salad, but it’s inspired by one, and it wants to be your dinner!  Right now.  Seriously.

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