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Pad See Ew

Let’s talk about proud moments.  Specifically for me, that means this:

The phenomenon of sideless shirts brought someone to my site, and I can’t tell you how giddy this makes me.

Whoever you are–bless your heart.  Can I tempt you to stay?  Do you like noodles?  Spice?  Crisp green veggies?

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Chicken Piccata and Roasted Lemon-Garlic Broccolini

This food blogging thing is a strange beast, I’m finding.  It interesects with real life…  Sometimes.  For example, check out what happened this weekend:

 and I rolled up our sleeves, fueled up on Jameson and pumped out Irish cream sandwich cookies, “caramelassies,” soda bread, green shamrock dip, corned beef with bourbon-orange glaze, colcannon and the cutest roasted carrots you’ve ever seen.  Also pictured: guest contributions of steamed rice buns and Lunchables (always welcome).

So, yeah–I didn’t take photos for you, or make meticulous notes on recipes.  You don’t want to see those things anymore, right?  We’re already in Easter mode!  Things move fast.

I think you may want to see this, though.  It isn’t nearly as date-specific as all that beautiful Irish-themed food.  Chicken piccata is welcome whenever.  It’s weeknight-friendly, even if you insist on serving it with a bottle of crisp, grassy white wine (I did).  Oh, and–delicious.  Let’s not forget that.

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