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Homemade Stovetop Smoker Pastrami

So, every year, I throw a Festivus party.  

I always do it in January!  I know–it’s a holiday that was meant to replace Christmas, etc. etc.  But the thing is, December can get overwhelming and frankly, January is practically begging to be cheered up.  If I can make my friends’ post-holiday malaise just a tiny bit easier with a ton of great food and a silly made-up holiday, sign me up.  Sign me up now.

Airing of the grievances is necessary.

Feats of strength? Festivus isn’t over until the head of household is pinned, after all.  Rules are rules.  And black belts are black belts.  And my friend definitely has one.  And now I know that it’s well-deserved. 

Most years, the food is a haphazard mix of whatever we feel like eating.  This year, I actually put some thought into this and attempted a Seinfeld/deli theme.  Hello, pastrami bar!  You’re going to require some planning.

Homemade pastrami is a capital-p Project.  I’ve been dying to tell you about it for weeks!  There’s curing, rinsing, rubbing, smoking, steaming.  But the end result is a beauty–tender, flavorful deli meat, free of shady preservatives and coated in a generous mix of spices.

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