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Baked Yuzu Hot Wings

What a lesson in seizing opportunities.

 yuzu hot wings 9 text

, if you’re not familiar, is a citrus fruit from East Asia. It looks like a wrinkly, grumpy yellow orange, tastes fairly tart, and its zest is essentially an aromatic powerhouse. Or so I’m told. It’s not exactly an everyday sight in my part of the planet. And, see, this winter, during the brief “weird-looking-citrus” season, I saw fresh yuzu at Whole Foods once. Once! Of course, that was the day I decided to go for a instead (further shame: I never did anything interesting with it).

I saw Buddha’s Hands there the next week, and the week after that. I mean, for all I know, they’re still there. But the yuzu? No ma’am/sir. This, despite my love of everything containing yuzu that I’ve ever tried.

Long story short: I’M AN IDIOT, YOU GUYS.

However, this is why we have yuzu hot sauce. Ever-present, knowing no seasons, sitting patiently on the shelves at well-stocked Asian markets all over the world, and really, really delicious.

yuzu hot wings 4

Yuzu-It is great however you consume it, but becomes knock-your-socks-off good on hot (temperature-wise, to be clear) food–the herbal, floral aromas just blossom into something really special (like I hope to someday). It’s almost hard to believe that a hot sauce could be so rounded, and so fragrant. 

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Gougeres, two ways (Thyme/Gruyere and Black Pepper/Cheddar)

I’ve told you about gougeres before, but Imma have to do it again.  If I like something, I really like it (multiple ice cream and goat cheese recipes ’round these parts attest to that).  Besides–maybe you don’t like blue cheese.  Maybe you’re new to hanging out around here, or otherwise didn’t see it…  Or maybe you’re okay with me being relentlessly annoying about how delicious and easy-to-make these little cheese puffs are.  (I hope that last one is true anyway, but if not, I promise I’ll stop. Gougere Moratorium 2013 starts in…  Five minutes.)

Besides, making something and making something for a crowd are two different beasts…  So the first thing we do is double the batch.  But then, there are other concerns–maybe it’d be wiser to go with something more universally beloved than blue cheese.  I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like cheddar, gruyere, pepper or thyme (and if I did, I would consider pretending I didn’t hear this information).

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Super Bowl Roundup

Because everyone agrees the food is the best part of this, right?

Suggestions for party guests:

1) Bacon-Jalapeno Jam. Double the recipe (trust me!), bring a baguette, become an instant hero.

2) Buttermilk ranch, completely from scratch. Also impressive!  Your favorite wings need a sidekick.

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Jalapeno Hummus

You know what’s stressful?  Less so than being chased by wildebeests but probably more so than having the dryer eat your sock AGAIN?  Going snowboarding for the first time in approximately two years, while never having been good to begin with. 

Yikes.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Also potentially stressful: appetizer preparation for a weeknight party.  But, I’d rather handle that kind of stress than that of the gracefully gliding tumbling-down-an-icy-mountain-at-high-speed (read: not that high at all, I’m just a chicken) variety.  I’d just rather not.  Whatever.

It’s time to rain some cold hard facts on myself: I’m no adrenaline junkie.  But I might be a jalapeno junkie.  Are you with me?  Let’s have a party and bring hummus.
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