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Prune’s Sous Chef Salad

This is my excuse for eating everything, everywhere, all day every day, when I travel (not that I need one).  Inspiration!  Recreating favorite, memorable dishes from far away… It’s like a time/space machine.  There’s always something to learn from people who, uh, actually cook for a living.

What I’m saying is, nice job, Gabrielle Hamilton’s sous chef at   I want to be like you when I grow up, and this is me trying.  Also, thanks for lunch.

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Green Goddess Dip

I imagine this is ranch dip after it has had a good talking-to from RuPaul.  ”No no no NO.  You get out of that plastic Dixie cup; you are too fabulous for this.  Get yourself some fresh herbs–all the herbs–and anchovies.  You heard me!  Now go werk.

I have never seen her show.  Is it obvious?  Should I do something about that?

It’s the “goddess” part.  It sparks the ol’ imagination.

Anyway, green goddess dressing was REALLY created in San Francisco in the 1920s to honor the actor  George Arliss and his play, which happened to be called…  The Green Goddess.

Still, it’s really fantastic: lots of green, fresh herbs, plus anchovy, for savory depth.  It’s a multidimensional showoff.

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