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Division Bell Cocktail

Remember when I told you why I’m not posting as much lately?  (Short answer: work.)

Well.  That’s still happening, but the end is in sight…  If you can see 4 days ahead, which is impressive.  I will soon be living, cooking, eating, posting (and showering) like a normal person.

(Joking about the not-showering part…  Mostly.  Gross.)

At some point  commented on my current situation, wisely predicting an I-need-a-drank post from yours truly.  She was right, and here it is!

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I’ve been indulging in the sweet nectar that is booze as of late.  In real life, I come home most days around 11, stare at the months-old beer in my fridge for a minute and decide I’d rather go to bed.  Secretly being 83 years old does not help matters.

However, I made this one.  For you, for me, and for us–because it’s beautiful, complex and tastes nothing like it looks.

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