Sherry Cobbler Ice Cream

sherry cobbler ice cream 15 text lines

We made it through Thanksgiving! I never doubted us for a second. Give me a holiday where all that is expected of me is to eat like I'm about to hibernate in the tundra with nothing but my wits and a wild caribou named Bertha at my side (partially true), and perhaps make a ...

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Veggie Balls with Carrot Ribbon Pappardelle and Carrot Top Pesto

veggie balls 14 text1 line1

  If my blog self-destructs tomorrow, you'll know why: I broke it by putting "balls," "carrot," and "top" too close together. I tried to avoid it, but there's no outsmarting search engine algorithms. Whatever happens: It was worth it. Let me tell you about my b... ...

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Fever Pitch Cocktail

fever pitch cocktail 1 text lines

No joke: I think this cocktail might be a witch/wizard/non-Satanic Rosemary's Baby. This fine specimen of a drink simply came together, out of thin air, in a way I couldn't have planned if I tried. It defies explanation, and I was just the conduit ...

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Strawberry Shortcakes with Black Pepper and Whipped Goat Cheese

s strawberry shortcake 8

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, "Hey, you've been pretty good at life lately, and congratulations on not screwing up this DIY bangs trim, but, one note for possible self-improvement. Does it seem like it's been too long since you/we brought together goat cheese and ...

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Roasted Chicken Thighs and Apricots with Tarragon

apricot tarragon chicken 1

What a weekend, guys. I was in a wedding--on Thursday, actually, but sometimes you gotta make your own weekend. Love knows no calendar. Anyhow, because I don't have friends most of my friends are a bunch of REBELS like me, I'd never even been to a wedding where I was ...

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