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Rice Pudding Pancakes

This recipe speaks to not just one, but two ways in which I’m secretly 83 years old. Firstly, rice pudding (and I’m talking about the classic version, with cinnamon, nutmeg and–gasp–raisins) is old people food. You know it, I know it, old people definitely know it. Second of all, I hate wasting food. And that includes the boxed steamed rice which always accompanies takeout and which usually does not get eaten.  I know you know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t have this problem, I admire your skills.

So! What’s a 10pm-bedtime-having, knitting homebody to do? Pancakes. The answer to problems at any age is fluffy, starchy and covered with a healthy dose of maple syrup.

I haven’t made pancakes or waffles lately, but these crisp, chilly mornings lately are made for this sort of thing. You best believe there’s more to come–I mean, what do you expect me to be doing on a Sunday morning, running? Or worse, going to Crossfit or something? Puhlease.

It’s time to take life slowly. I’ll be eating pancakes and starting my third (I wish I were joking, honeybunnies) attempt at knitting a green sweater.

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Kumquat and Poppy Seed Pancakes

You know what? Weekends were a fantastic idea.  Just wonderful.  A Sunday morning is one of the few opportunities I have to be as polite with myself as with everyone else–instead of mentally barking out orders to my sleepy brain to get out of bed and do X, Y and Z immediately, I can politely ask.

“Hey, self…  You look awesome today–I like how your bangs are pointing to the left AND right…  It’s visionary.  Cutting Edge.  Genius.  Say, what do you feel like doing today?”

Well, this weekend, I wanted to (A) brush my hair and pin my bangs back into an acceptable situation–all hail dry shampoo!– and (B) make a cappuccino and a fat stack of pancakes.  Citrusy ones, with poppy seeds.

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