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Vegan Posole

Guess who spent basically the entirety of last Friday watching prison gang documentaries and knitting?  Yeah…  Let’s consider that my tribute to Martha.  (Hey girl!)

It was the kind of day that makes the next one super productive.  FUN productive.

I’m talking long hikes in crisp late-fall… crispness, and a big pot of something warm, red and wholesome for when we’re done.  And if it happens to be vegan, well, how’s that for clean living?  Bacon jam, cinnamon-maple ice cream, cheesy fruity waffles and boozy milkshakes will still be there tomorrow.  Today is all about eating plants, leaving no trace, being one with nature, and maybe I should be a better person and not make jokes at M-Stew’s expense even though I have a feeling she’d be a good sport?  I don’t know, you guys.  Let’s eat.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

So, I had to wait to tell you about these.  For the past few days, anything that would have come out of my mouth/keyboard would’ve been whiny, whiny, whiny, with an extra side of grumble pie.  Which is understandable in the case of a massive ear infection (ruptured ear drum and all), and you would understand because you’re awesome, but that’s just not what This Space is for, you know?  Let’s talk about delicious things now.

Specifically, what I have here are brownies–perfectly fudgy brownies, topped with that glossy, crunchy…  Shell.  Or whatever that is.  That top layer is magic.  What really makes these special, though, is a kick of spice.  Warm, fragrant cinnamon, cloves and cayenne, all up in your palate.  Because honestly, it’s hot and you don’t want a Mexican mocha right now, right?

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Cucumber-Cilantro Margaritas

I know, I know–this drink is almost a glowing neon green color.  Enough to make you nervous, perhaps; it looks like it’d be right at home being clutched by a stumbling reveler wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt on a bright and early Las Vegas morning on, say, March 18th of any given year.  One imagines.

Appearances are deceiving little suckers, though.

What we have here is 100% fresh, natural green color from plants–cilantro to be exact–that grew in the dirt, not a test tube in a lab.  Mother Nature knows how to party too, you know.

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Cumin-Scented Quinoa and Wild Rice

Things I want to tell you:

-If you want a free brake cleaning from a major tire place, I can tell you how to go about that (all you need is 4-5 hours of your time).
-Boyfriend and I are going on a “tour” of single-malt scotches.  So far we’ve conquered the southeastern corner of Islay, and I’m afraid there  much  like 
-I gave myself two canker sores.  Grapefruit, all I ever did was love you.
-There are actually two semi-resolutions (i.e. things I want to do anyway) on my radar: put a dent into my Sterilite plastic tub o’ yarn (I also have one full of sewing stuff) and .
-I bought sour cream juuust in case this gorgeous, comforting, healthy dish turned out to be just a little too hippie-dippy-healthy for my taste.  It sits unopened.  This is just that good!

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

I am a creature of many things (namely, really pale wax, inappropriate jokes and leftover margarita lime quarters), but a creature of habit I am not.  I don’t own a single movie to watch when I have the ____ feelings, or for whatever reason at all.  I buy different makeup every time, even though  and  are basically perfect.  And I rarely make dishes over and over again, the same way at least, because there are just too many other recipes I have bookmarked and dogeared for me to spaz over.

So this post is coming to you only because my dear manpanion politely requested some Tortilla Soup I Made That One Time.  I don’t mean to brag (useless phrase because that’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m sorry!), but it’s basically excellent.  Spicy (because that’s how I like anything and everything), tomatoey warm goodness.  Especially when topped with cool sour cream and crunchy, delicious green things.  Of course, this is infinitely customizable: you can skip the chicken and substitute a vegetarian broth for a hearty vegetarian meal.  Likewise, you can health-ify it by not frying the tortillas (sadface) and skipping all the creamy dairy things.

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Ranchero Green Chile “Benedicts”

Let’s get all cross-cultural, shall we?  It was only after I made these that I realized…  There’s a message here.  This means something.  Let me explain.  Huevos Rancheros is a traditional Mexican breakfast, originally eaten by hard-laboring farmers as a midmorning meal.  There are several claims as to the invention of Eggs Benedict, but it sounds like it was some banker/stockbroker/yacht owner type in New York, at least 100 years ago.  And there are several competing claims to Eggs Benedict because that’s just what white people do–bicker about who got there first.  (I am allowed to say that…  Totally.)

But if Mexican farmers and New York bankers ever had the sense to hang out, we’d have this:

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