Pressed Sandwiches with Turkey, Brie and Nectarine

I won’t talk about the weather because, my goodness.  Zzzzz, right?

All I know is, I’m still eating perfect peaches.  I’m still wearing shorts, a lot.  I’m still picnicking, barbecueing, and summer hiking.

In my experience, picnics tend to be marathon eating sessions.  They tend to be informal and leisurely: people come and go, and, well, no one should eat alone, right?

We’re gonna need sturdy food–something that still looks and tastes good a few hours later.

Pressed sandwiches are picnic-perfect.  I make them the night before (so there’s plenty of time to mix up a pitcher of sangria in the morning!).  Everything gets smooshed together between sturdy bread that soaks up just enough moisture and flavor.  They’re relatively easy to slice into neat squares, perfectly showcasing a terrine-like interior.  Cute, dare I say?

Probably not cute: eating for four hours straight.  Cute can be so overrated.

A loaf of bread gets split in half.  Bust out your good mustard and your peach preserves!  If it’s September and there’s a peach tree within a 5-mile radius, you have homemade peach preserves.  Unless people hate you, which they don’t (I asked them all).

Turkey.  Turkey like you’ve never turkeyed before.

If I had to make a sandwich without cheese, I would probably cry.

Spinach: ain’t nothing wrong with it.  (Wearing an overly twee polka dot apron: ditto.)

And finally, summer nectarines sliced thin.  If it’s that time of year where you live or by the time you read this, apples or pears (tossed in lemon juice to keep their color) would also be wonderful.

Wrap that.  Wrap it well.

Next comes the crush…  You won’t get any wine, but how would you feel about a delectable sandwich?

Then, I got a big, sharp knife and grabbed some friends.  Don’t worry, this story ends well.

Pressed Sandwiches with Turkey, Brie and Nectarine

1-lb loaf of good, crusty bread
1/4 cup peach, nectarine or apricot preserves
3 tablespoons dijon or whole-grain mustard
7 0z. sliced roasted turkey (more if you want!)
7 oz. brie, sliced
A big handful of fresh spinach
1-2 nectarines, sliced thinly

Halve the bread horizontally.  If it’s especially doughy inside, you can hollow some of that stuff out.

In a small bowl, mix preserves and mustard and spread over both sides of the bread, all the way to the edges.  Layer turkey, brie, spinach and nectarines on one side and cover with the other half.  Wrap well in plastic and place in the fridge, covered by something even and heavy (I used a cookie sheet with a couple quarts of milk on top).  Keep for at least a few hours, ideally overnight.

Use a sharp serrated knife to cut into 12-15 squares or rectangles.

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  1. I’m loving how beautiful your nectarines are…I’m SO hoping that I can find some at my market soon. I love your summer spirit and great pairing with the brie and sweet fruit!!